my why?

In all that I try to accomplish all roads always lead to my why. My why has always led me in the right direction because it has always been intrinsically connected to my story.

My story is founded on the gifts given to me through the years, be it a visit at the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club by the Ottawa Rough Riders or Ottawa 67’s. My story is founded in the gifts Joan Roose (my day school gospel teacher) gave me. My story is founded in my parents and my siblings and the gifts they gave me.

Gifts that proudly define me.

I learned early on in life, that the act of giving to another can be a powerful, life changing tool.

So, my why is all about giving to others through my life experiences as a former professional athlete, coach, broadcaster/presenter, leadership coach and team facilitator.

I draw great satisfaction helping to set others up to succeed, be it an elite hockey team trying to reach their next level of success, men and women experiencing major career transitions, government agency trying to find it’s way through a major change management chapter or a team that understands the value in the collaborate, communicate and conquer approach to success.

I always took great pride in being a great teammate and it has extended to my present chapter in life.

When you hire ME…

When you hire Ken Evraire — as a leadership coach, team facilitator or keynote speaker/presenter — you get an outside-the-box, energy-infused professional who is insightful, intuitive and genuine.

Ken gets it: Drawing on 25+ years of experience as a professional athlete, broadcaster, sports coach and community philanthropist, Ken enchants through tailor-made, client-specific presentations.

No cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all offerings!

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