Steve Kerr – I would want you to coach my son.

I have always liked Steve Kerr. Ever since he was a member of the Chicago Bulls!

Yes, that team had Michael, Scottie, Tony, B.J., Horace, Bill and of course Dennis but there were a handful of consummate team guys who stood out thanks to their subtle contributions. Steve Kerr was one of those guys.  His back story is incredible.(

Once you do a background check on Kerr, everything simply makes sense as it relates to his success as a person and as a coach.

After coaching the Golden State Warriors to the 2017 NBA title, Kerr now has 7 NBA titles to his credit (5 as a player and 2 as a coach). Yet, its not what he has done in the spotlight that really impresses.  What really stands out is his humility, respect for the game and his genuine connection to those around him.  It’s his ability to lead, give credit where credit is due and connect on a deeper level with his players and staff that leaves me wishing every coach/leader at any level should spend a day with Steve Kerr.

He is a LEADER! No doubt about.

Here is a great article written by John Eades entitled “6 Powerful Leadership Lessons From World Champion Steve Kerr”

Far too many leaders stray from the fundamental lessons. Pressure will do that. The key is sticking to what brough you success in the first place!  Don’t blink. Trust in your core leadership principals and coach up!

Ken Evraire is an award-winning leadership coach and team builder. As a former professional athlete, he has learned from great coaches and learned even more from the bad ones!

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