Who is Ken?

Who am I, and what do I offer you?

I am a storyteller. A proud raconteur. Perhaps it stems from being a Myers-Briggs ENFP [http://www.humanmetrics.com/personality/enfp] but at the end of the day, I draw great satisfaction in helping others – individuals and business – succeed.

Be it a career transition, a corporate change in management, or coaching kids on the football field, watching people feel great about their achievements gives me a thrill.

By offering tailor-made leadership and team-building platforms, I get to do what I am passionate about: inspiring others to be – and feel – their best. In my opinion and experience, good leadership requires an unselfish and giving desire to set others up to overcome their own obstacles, be they internal or imposed by others.

Like a Sherpa guide who prepares the route for climbers, fixes the ropes in place, and carries the necessary climbing kit up the mountain, I too will do all that I can to get you to the top. Then I’ll stand back. Because it’s actually not about me; it’s about you.