Welcome to Ken Evraire TECTONIC TLC – Team | Lead | Coach

What brought you here?

Is it a need to elevate your coaching and leadership skills? Perhaps, like all great leaders, you are seeking new ways to support, set up and celebrate your team with the hope of elevating their performance.  

Fact is, leaders drive results and achieve goals but cannot succeed without buy in! 

Maybe its just as simple as booking a tailored team building program with the hope of re-focusing your team as they navigate the once in a lifetime, global pandemic waters?

Your why may vary from others but the end goal is shared. Setting others up to succeed. It is in that spirit I say thank you. I am grateful for your visit.

The way we do business has changed dramatically since March 2020! A look in the mirror moment has taken place as it relates to Leadership, Coaching and Team Culture. Leaders cannot afford to adopt the same old, same old approach.

The shift to a virtual working environment and the inevitable human disconnection that occurs represents the greatest challenge to those tasked with leadership responsibilities in the past 30 years. 

The need to invest in your team – leaders and those being asked to trust in those who lead – is paramount. The great news is any leader worth their salt sees this moment as an opportunity.

The adage, you reap what you sow certainly applies. All roads lead to the need to invest in your team.

By drawing on over 30 years of experience in the world of leadership, coaching and team building, Ken Evraire strives to become a difference maker for your team. His agile, intuitive approach to TLC is a value plus proposition for his clients. 

No one team is alike so no one solution will ever be alike.

Let’s connect, communicate, collaborate and conquer! 

Contact me if you are looking to keep your game changers invested. Contact me if you want your leadership team to rise to the occasion at a time when the need for leadership has never been greater!




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