“like the earth and her tectonic shifts, we are also in a state of constant change.  Tectonic shifts that can be subtle or substantial, representing a new direction, new possibilities…a new landscape.” 


Welcome to TECONTIC TLC – Team | Lead | Coach

If you are in a position of leadership or charged with coaching others up, you know that there is a direct correlation between performance and the investment you make in your team.

In layman’s terms, you reap what you sow.  All roads lead to the need to invest in your team. 

When you factor in the arrival of a global pandemic, the need to invest in your team and ramp up your coaching + leadership skills is magnified 100x. 

By drawing on over 30 years of experience in the world of leadership, coaching and team building I strive to become a difference maker for your team. No one team is alike so no one solution will ever be alike.

Let’s connect, communicate, collaborate and conquer! 

Contact me if you are looking to keep your game changers invested and inspired or perhaps you want your steely eyed leadership team to elevate their skill set.

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