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Welcome to Ken Evraire dot com – Team Building, Leadership and Coaching. Welcome to what I call the “right time and right place“!

Your visit tells me you are ready to lead. Your visit tells me you are wanting to connect, communicate, collaborate, create and conquer with like minded warriors!

So, congratulations on making the decision to invest in your team and in yourself. It is the first powerful step towards setting others up to succeed and in turn creating team success.

Every team, regardless of the arena of competition, has a story. It doesn’t matter if it is a Fortune 500 company, a not for profit agency, a family run business or an elite athletic team. The next chapter in the story is always the most important. The next chapter should always be driven by engagement and inspiration. The next page can become the crucial turning point a team has been searching for.

An engaged, inspired team will always go the extra mile. 

I have been hired, released, traded, honored, waived, re-signed, waived again, retired, celebrated, inducted and humbled through my professional career. It has been a remarkable journey that has taken me from the professional sports locker room, into the television broadcast studio en route to the corporate boardroom. The entire journey has made be a better teammate and coach. The journey taught me the value of coaching up! 

From the moment I was coached up, be it by my parents, school coaches or staff at the Ottawa Boys and Girls Club, I felt an immediate connection to the powerful, giving, shared experience that comes with coaching others up. In all that I have done and will go on to do, I have felt a passion to coach and in the same breath be coach-able! I have coached or been coached my entire life in on way or another, which has catapulted my journey as a team building, leadership and coaching specialist Human relationships are unique. It stands to reason that any strategies designed to achieve team success should be unique to the team. Cookie cutters need not apply for the gig! 

Fact is, the old school coach was wrong! There is an “i” in team.

The “i” in team is the invested, inspired, involved, initiated, idyllic, indubitable, industrious, included, impressive, indispensable, informed, incredible, indomitable, immaculate, inclusive, integral, integrity driven, intuitive, irresistible, invaluable, invigorated, innovative, indestructible, imaginative, impassioned and influential game changer that every leader is in search of.

By choosing this moment to invest in your team, you are choosing to create the “right time and right place” for others. You are choosing to build a team of like minded teammates that are driven by a shared passion and commitment to one another.

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