Welcome to Ken Evraire – TECTONIC TLC!

TLC is an acronym for Team + Lead + Coach. TECTONIC represents the ever changing landscape of the earth and our lives.

No one day is the same. Like the earth and her constant tectonic shifts, our lives exist in a state of perpetual motion. Movement is constant! It is part of our DNA.

With each changing day that arrives, we find ourselves needing to maintain a symbiotic connection to our surroundings  all in a bid to not only survive but to succeed.  Physical and mental movement determines the direction of our life journeys.

Our life journeys begin with one singular question. It’s a question we ask ourselves, consciously or sub consciously, each and every day. Often times many times in a day!

Am I imy right place and right time?

The answer is directly connected to our fight or flight response. If you are in your right place and time, you are willing to stand and fight for what you believe in. If you are not in your right place and time, the odds of you fleeing are pretty good!

How does this relate to leadership, coaching and team building?

No matter the make up of the team or the arena of competition, any effort to lead, coach or build must begin with creating a right time and place environment as priority number one!

If you build it they will come and they will stay!

The old school coach was wrong! There is an “i” in team!

Your number one goal is to create a community that celebrates the power of human connection, communication and collaboration. Invest in the individual and you invest in the next inspired, invincible game changer your team is in search of. 

Connect, Communicate, Collaborate and Conquer!