I have not met a stage that I did not cherish! A microphone I didn’t like!

The opportunity to stand in front of a room full of people I have never met and do all that I could to connect, share and celebrate with them fills my soul.   

The opportunity I relished when standing for the national anthem as a member of the Ottawa Rough Riders, Hamilton Tiger Cats or Saskatchewan Roughriders. Standing shoulder to shoulder with my teammates and looking forward to being the best I could be. To connect, share and celebrate all for a purpose that was greater than myself.

On stage, I have worn a football helmets, a lobster suit, sang to the surprise of the audience (not sure if I was flat or sharp!). I have led discussions, hosted clinics and and honored worthy award winners. 

I have never been comfortable with the idea that I am an “outside of the box” presenter. It makes me feel disconnected.

I prefer to be thought of as an intuitive, creative storyteller that is mission focused on creating a water cooler effect. 

My goal is to be remembered for my work. Be it a day later. A week after the fact. A year down the road. 

I relish the opportunity to celebrate your teams work or elevate your event. 

If you are in need of a host/emcee or keynote speaker I would be grateful for your consideration. 

Simply email me (ken@kenevraire.com) or visit the Connect with Ken link to get the ball rolling.