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Let’s Talk Leadership and Coaching

What do you think of when I say Leadership and Coaching? If you close your eyes and visualize the idea of Leadership and Coaching the natural inclination is to think of one of two examples. The first being the coach/leader who impacted your life in a positive light and the second being the coach/leader who lost the room and had no business leading a tomato let alone people.

Leadership can arrive in two forms. The first by title. He or she is the CEO and as such, is the difacto leader. The second being, he or she has earned the respect and trust of the team over a period of time and has by virtue of that investment in the team, become a leader. Not “the” leader but a leader. 

Coaching as it relates to leadership is similar in that it can come in two forms.  We all know a lot of coaches that could not coach their way out of a paper bag. They are a coach in title alone. We also know a lot of coaches who grew into the role of coach, honed their approach and understood that to coach, you have to be open to being coached. To lead means to never stop learning from other leaders. 

Coaching and leadership in title alone is impersonal and inevitably fails. Coaching and leadership through the spectrum of earning and growing with the team will inevitably bring you success.

I love the story of The Theseus Paradox and how it relates to coaching, leadership and team building! Authenticity is key to any teams success. Mission and message authenticity is key to navigating the marathon that is the process of creating a healthy team culture. 

Have you ever wondered just how comfortable the throne is in the Game of Thrones? Take a look and tell me if its a place one would want to spend the day? Coaching and leadership is not about the throne. It is about being agile and adaptable all in a bid to set the team for success.