Leadership | Coaching

By definition, leadership has meant so many different things to so many.

It’s an organic experience that plays host to a counter point found between serving as an example to all and setting others up to succeed.

The foundation of leadership and coaching is grounded in the ability to put members of a team in their right place and their right time so they an utilize their strengths and confidently discover new skill sets.

The wide swath that leadership covers inevitably overlaps into coaching. Fact is, there is just a natural symbiotic connection between the two.

As a leadership and coaching consultant, Ken brings a wealth of knowledge that extends directly from his time spent as an elite athlete, community builder and coach. He draws from experiences from those who coached him up and regrettably, those who coached him down.

When told that a person is uncoachable, Ken’s immediate response is…

“who was the coach?”

There is no cookie cutter template to successful leadership.

Ken gets that and takes great pride in sourcing out creative, effective, tailor made coaching strategies for his clients.