Leadership | Coaching

If you show me the what, when, who, where and why I may follow.

If experts are correct in the assertion that we have an estimated 50,000 plus thoughts in a day at work,  good for over 125 million thoughts racing at warp speed through our minds during a “normal” year can you imagine the mental traffic when you throw a global pandemic into the mix!

Each day begins with one question! Are we in our right place and right time. You may ask yourself that question out loud in front of the mirror, at the kitchen table over a morning coffee or maybe it is part of your sub-conscious thought. It is just there like a long distance travel companion.

No matter it’s origin…it is the tone setting question that dictates your daily direction.

From a leadership + coaching perspective, influencing the answer to the “right time – right place” question is priority number one.


I love team building! I love setting others up for success.

We all want to be heard, be seen and be valued.  It’s in our DNA. It’s part of our biology…our life journey.  All roads lead to the deeply rooted desire to be embraced for our potential contribution.

The basic tenant that drives all successful leaders, coaches and team builders is to create a landscape that celebrates that innate desire for all to be heard, seen and valued.

Through my experience as an elite coach and athlete I have learned that building a successful team is a very personal, genuine, purpose driven experience.

There is a reason why championship athletes forget the final score of games but remember their teammates and their shared experiences almost as if they occurred yesterday.  

The effort to connect, communicate, collaborate and conquer alongside like minded, passionate individuals is a powerful, rewarding experience.