Team Building

If your goal is to create a work culture that captures the energy and imagination of your team then I want to connect with you and ask you one simple question. 

“Are you in your right time and right place?”.

I believe no matter what a person does for a living or how much money they earn, each and every day begins with one question. “Am I in my right time and right place?”. 

We may ask ourselves that question as we stare up at the ceiling trying to find the motivation just to get out of bed. We may mutter it to ourselves when nursing a morning coffee moments before we settle down in front of the computer for the first of 4 ZOOM calls! It may be part of our sub conscious thought, barely recognized but always there. No matter how the question arrives just know that its arrival is inevitable. 

No matter it’s origin…it is the tone setting question that dictates our daily direction.

When you look at it from a team building, culture creation standpoint, being able to support your team and create a right time and right place environment will be the foundation that plays host to any and all of your success.

If experts are correct in the assertion that we have an estimated 50,000 plus thoughts in a day at work,  good for over 125 million thoughts racing at warp speed through our minds during a “normal” year, can you imagine the mental traffic when you throw a global pandemic into the mix!

Factoring real life issues is a must when creating a successful work environment. Being able to influence those 50,000 thoughts is priority number one! 

I played over 20 years of tackle football, 9 years as a pro. I cannot remember the score of a game but I can remember the many great teammates and great coaches. I can easily recall the great shared experiences that made crossing the middle to catch a ball and getting crushed by a linebacker that much easier! 

Team building always begins with the connecting with others followed by communicating, then collaborating in a bid to conquer.  

The old school coach was wrong. There is an “i” in team. It is the inspired, indomitable, invested individual who will become the teams next game changer! 

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Stay safe and stay well.