Team Building

Let’s talk team building…

To do so, we need to take a step back and get into what team building isn’t. Team building is not a one off, get the team together for a social event that magically creates an in the moment, tectonic shift in the teams culture and direction. It isn’t a one off that will solve all that ails your team. 

Team building is an investment. It is a statement. The message to the team is, we are running a marathon, not a sprint. So, everyone gets to take a breath,…and connect. It’s tough to stop and smell the roses when you are racing mach nine down the express lane with your hair on fire.  Let’s personalize the entire experience. 

There are two reasons for team building. One, a reward to the team and a confirmation that they are doing things the right way or Two, the team is in a state of a state of need and the introduction of a team building strategy is the first step in turning the ship, navigating in a different direction. 

In both scenarios, the decision to connect, collaborate, communicate and conquer becomes priority number 1!  By doing so, you create the Right Time and the Right Place for all. You create an environment where invested, inspired connected individuals can excel! 

Team Building can include the daily interaction that employees engage in when working together to carry out the requirements of their jobs. It can be tailored team challenges that last a month. The possibilities are endless

Team building should be tailored specifically to the team and be organic in nature. Cookie cutter strategists need not apply! 

By introducing team building, culture shifting strategies you can reset the norms within the team, create a revised sense of clarity that will excite the team.