Team Building

Setting your sights on building a team, regardless of the arena they compete in, requires a long term vision and a willingness to invest in what becomes a very personal experience.

The national standard of average hours worked in a year is 2,087. That is nearly 25% of the number of hours in a year. That is significant to say the least!

If you believe what you pay someone is motivation enough for your team, then you are setting yourself and your team up to fail. Studies have shown that of the top 10 reasons people leave job does not include money.

What does a Team Build accomplish?

A team build is a step the right direction. A team build is mindful gesture that says, from a leadership standpoint, we are aware and pro-active.

A team build is part of a greater effort to personalize the group experience and create a value plus environment for all.

As a former professional athlete, I readily admit, I cannot remember the score any of the games I played, but I recall experiences with teammates and coaches that are so vivid. So much so that it feels like the moments that transcend time occurred yesterday.

I will forever value those moments. Forever value being part of that team.

A team that I as willing to go that extra mile for because I had their back and I knew they had mine!