Team Building

I played over 20 years of tackle football, 9 of them spent in the Canadian Football League. I cannot remember the score of a game. Not one! Yet, I can remember my teammates and the shared moments on and off the field like they occurred yesterday! I remember the journey through great days and not so great days and trusting in my teammates along with the distinct honor of being trusted by my teammates! How one competes, connects, collaborates all within a group determines the true essence of victory. That is something you do not see on the scoreboard. 

Team building or culture cultivation is the by product of a series of singular, transcending moments that when gathered together, becomes part of a shared experience. A shared experience that defines us individually and as a group. 

How a team goes about achieving success is far more rewarding than the final outcome! How a team goes about achieving success will determine how often the team is successful.  A team can win on Monday but if the victory isn’t founded on a rock solid, authentic, idea sharing environment that builds some muscle memory that victory is an anomaly!  Location is irrelevant.  Fortune 500 company? Tech start up? A not for profit agency or a upstart consulting company! It doesn’t matter. 

Team building allows you to set lines of demarcation! As soon as you know what you and the team stands for…you won’t fall for everything!