Who is Ken?

This is the uncomfortable part of the gig.

Trumpeting who I am and what I have done fits like a bad suit and to be honest, goes against the essence of what a leader | coach stands for.

But, I got to pay rent so here goes. Who is Ken?

I grew up in Ottawa. I am a Lorne Street kid. A Boys and Girls Club Gym rat. The neighbourhood was made up families who did not have much beyond big dreams and an astounding work ethic.

My parents set the bar for any coach that would cross my path.

Their unconditional generosity for all served as the perfect example for

my siblings and I. They were the original purveyors of the “coach up” approach.

I graduated with a BA in Commucations from Laurier University, played professional football in the CFL, spent 11 years as sports reporter | anchor at The New RO and A-Channel., and that career morphed into what is Ken Evraire Team Building | Leadership | Coaching.

Each life chapter has molded and influenced my craft.

Whether it’s “The “i” in Team”, “360 Degree Circle of Influence” or “The Pendulum of Possibility” strategies, the handprint of my life experiences are all over them.

At the end of the day, I coach up.

I set others up to succeed.