Who is Ken?

With my being a team building, leadership and coaching consultant, this is the uncomfortable part of the gig. It kind of goes against the grain. Striking a balance on the humility/bragging teeter totter is the challenge. 

Okay…here goes. 

Who is Ken Evraire?

I coach up. I coach up in my work as a consultant, as a father and as a community leader.  I have learned that one of life’s greatest gifts is to help set someone else up for success. Setting the table so someone can tap into their potential and share what they have to give to the world fills my cup. 

I am a proud graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University (Communication Studies). I am a proud member of the Canadian Football League alumni and may never be part of a greater team than the New RO/A-Channel  TV stations during my 11 year run as a sports broadcaster. 

When I was let go by the TV station in what would have seemed like a negative turning point was actually a soul filling, I have a blank slate available to play host to any all possibilities moment. The day I was given my severance package, my wife was scheduled for her final ultrasound before our 1st child arrived. Fact is, they could have hit me with a 2 x 4 and it would not have mattered. 

I am an older dad and tailoring my day to my kids schedule and my role as a parent was priority #1. 

A new chapter was forced upon 

me and I chose to follow my instincts. I chose to trust my inner voice. 

It was time for me to build, coach and lead. 

I had tallied enough life experiences that translated into a comfortable level of competency. Thus the birth of Ken Evraire Team Building + Leadership + Coaching.

I had coached, I had been coached and felt comfortable grabbing hold of the steering wheel and navigating this wonderful chapter.