Ken is definitely a five star coach. Our team rated him highly and learned a lot from his presentations…he was very connected to the topic and understood our work with women in need. He involved all participants in discussions online and in person and held everyone’s interest for 3 hours! Ann McSweeney and team – iSisters Technology Mentoring

Whether it be in the boardroom or on the field, Ken’s experience offers a client a unique look into high performance individuals, organizations and team building! Anil Dilawri (Principal) – Save It Like Sully 

Ken is a master of team building! He is energetic, entertaining and he cares! He taught my elite women’s hockey team the subtleties that lie within successful teams and successful people. He made them better teammates and leaders. I could not have asked for a more positive outcome.  Shannon Donnelly (General Manager + Head Coach) -Jr. Lady 67’s AAA Team

The world needs more Ken Evraire. He gave up his time to share his experiences with our students. It was a selfless act with no expectation of reward. He did it because he knew he could help. He went above and beyond to give us true building blocks (The DNA) of storytelling. He gave us the straight goods and we are all better for it! J.P. Rains – Director of Digital Stategies (Laurentian University)

I’ve seen a few motivational speakers but Ken was the first one to move me. Even though he does not work in my field of expertise, he connected and interacted with us that went beyond the presenter/audience relationship. He admired our work! He reminded us of just how impactful we are in the lives of others. We are authentic warriors!  Sarah Quinn Mansfield (Audiologist) – Robillard Hearing. 

We decided not to have a keynote speaker. We wanted to do something different. Ken tailored a Name that Tune group competition which was a huge hit! His enthusiasm and  passion married with his desire to entertain had us all laughing. A great way to cap off a great day of fundraising. People still talk about the event months after the fact. We hired him to come back as soon as the evening ended!  Pat Fleming (Owner) – Fleming Fitness

Ken has worked with several of my teams over the years and it always amazes me how he connects with people. Be taught our athletes how to set goals and how to achieve them in what is a very competitive environment. He has been a big part of our championship winning teams!  Jim Cooke (Head Coach) – Ottawa 67’s AAA

He got the day off to a great start! Ken is highly entertaining and was able to put a fresh slant on how a good team can become great! In doing so, he set the exact right tone for the entire day!  Dr. Brian O’Rourke (President) – CADTH

With Ken, we got a true professional for our event. He was charming, well prepared and provided great solutions to engage our audience and set the stage for a fun and informative conference.  Milt Isaacs (President) – Association of Canadian Financial Officers

Ken has been an essential piece of our program development for the past 10 years. His ability to connect with an audience and engage is key to our clients success. The feedback from his presentations has always been resoundingly positive!  Mike Pilon (Owner) – Endeavour Sports