Whether you are part of a not for profit sector agency, Fortune 500 company, hi-tech start up, mom and pops family run business, an elite athlete or part of a house league team…opportunity is knocking. 

This is the time to connect, communicate and collaborate with others then rinse and repeat! Connecting with others is part of our DNA.  It’s a life necessity. 

Like the earth and her ever constant tectonic shifts, we all exist and hopefully excel in what is a state of constant change.

It has been my experience that leadership, coaching and team culture creation also exists in a constant state of change. With every arriving shift an opportunity is born. 

Let’s connect. Let’s communicate and collaborate!

is to culture what is to leadership 

It is a marathon. It requires dedication. It requires an authentic purpose. It requires the willingness to look beyond oneself and contribute to the greater good for others. 

Warrior vs Authentic Warrior. 

Choosing to not take the easy road. Choosing to forge something that will stand up to all challenges. Slow 2nd quarter…trust your team culture. Enduring a 4 game losing streak? Trust your team culture. 

In a time where we want everything right now…the bid to create a culture that features a lasting legacy is now not the norm. 


There is an “i” in Team!

The old school coach was wrong. There is an “i” in team!

Experts have suggested our waking mind has between 7,000 and 70,000 thoughts in a day.  Any one of those thoughts can turn a day on a completely different direction.  It can be the difference between mission success and failure.  Great teams are made up of invested individuals.  Invested individuals are inspired by intuitive leadership. 

A single thought can turn a miserable day into a success and vice versa.