TECTONIC TLC | Team Lead Coach is driven by a passion to set others up to succeed.  That passionate mindfulness is deeply connected to those who have set Ken up for success.  The “About Me” page begins with 

The irony that comes with such a mission lies in the circular art of giving. As we give to others with the hope of impacting their lives our lives are immediately impacted.

The art of setting others up for success is accompanied by a shift. A TECTONIC shift. It can be subtle or it can be substantial. Success can arrive through 1 on 1 work with a client or via a dedicated, focused effort by a larger team. 

Creating and presenting tailored leadership, team building and coaching strategies  success or it can be the complete revamping of a clients strategic game plan.  



1. State what the business does and why it exists


This tip may seem obvious, but many brands fail to include some of the most basic information about their business up front. Or they do it poorly by describing themselves in a way that isn’t clear or is packed with jargon. On an About Us page, visitors shouldn’t have to work to figure out what a business does and its mission. Instead, give site visitors a quick overview of your client’s company and why they do what they do, in a way that matches their overall brand.